Although our approach in the world of fashion is not one of trend-following, we find it interesting when we see that several of the designers with whom we work are thinking about similar ideas. This season, in particular, we found a few key themes running through our collection:

As a company based in art and artists, we were particularly excited to see hand-painted techniques and effects in so many pieces.

The exemplar is Cynthia Ashby, who based so many pieces on hand-painting which she does herself to each individual piece. The Still Shirt has large swaths of hand painting on its collar and placket, forming a bold focal point on an elegantly simple shape. The more playful side of Ashby’s design sense shows up in the Flood Jacket and Trace Pants, where the painted bands are used to define shapes.

SKIF is working with a St. Louis-based artist to individually paint whimsical collages in black and white on oversize shirts. No two are alike – which is a good thing, we think!

Abstract Florals
We saw abstract florals in many collections and found that Comfy had ones which really spoke to us. Even for a non-flowery person like me, these monotone prints offer some bold pattern-work that works in a wardrobe dominated by black, and we love the variety of silhouettes to consider.

The Floral Verona Vest is such a great example of these non-fussy florals; its monochromatic pattern paired with a casual silhouette are the essence of a modern floral. Likewise, the even more abstracted pattern-work on the Floral Mesh Tee, making it easy to pair with jeans. We think the pairing of black and taupe in a floral print is so chic, especially in the easy shaped Lisbon Dress.

White Shirts
The greater fashion world decreed this season that “the white shirt is back!”, but we’ve always thought it’s been a great fashion staple. So imagine our delight to discover a few fabulous great white shirts for this collection.

Porto has created a sculpted shape in the super comfortable Lark Shirt. Stretch makes it comfortable; tucks and pleats create shape. Vitamin always creates some of the most interesting shirts we know, and this season’s Duet Shirt creatively mixes crisp elegance with playful black contrast stitching. And Planet’s Patchwork Shirt is an amusing play on a white shirt teamed with stripes and oxford cloth.