Ever since we began to sell women’s apparel, I have been flummoxed about finding the right shoes to show with our clothes. I’ve borrowed from my own closet and purchased a few pairs to use, and as a result, our Customer Care team has received frustrated calls and emails from apparel customers asking one question:

“Where can I get those shoes!?”

Finally, we can answer, “Right here!”

It has always seemed to me that someone, somewhere, should be able to understand that women want interesting style AND comfort — that the two should not be incompatible. I’m not talking about stilettos; they are neither my personal style nor does their mission have anything to do with comfort. (I have fantasized that one day Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin’s mother would demand that he design shoes that she could wear!)

Naturally, I was thrilled when I discovered CYDWOQ — for several reasons:

First of all, their designs are fabulous, original, perhaps a little quirky at times, and I find myself wanting to try on everything they make. So often I am bored with the copycat ho-hum choices found in the plethora of women’s shoes. CYDWOQ marches to its own beat. And then, the shoes are so darn comfortable! As someone with foot and joint problems, I have been amazed by how great these feel. The rest of our staff, many of them younger than I, have also been knocked over by how great the shoes feel. We’ve found that these shoes actually get better over time, as the supple leather ages and molds to the shape of each individual’s foot.

cydwoq crop

And finally, the story behind CYDWOQ speaks to my heart and to the mission of our company. CYDWOQ is one of a very select number of shoe companies to manufacture completely in the USA, an artisanal small-batch designer similar to other designers we work with. Quality is critical to them and their materials are outstanding.

We are introducing just five styles this season. At our photoshoot, we were thrilled with how effortless it was to accessorize our clothing with these shoes — a great fit (pun fully intended). I hope you like them as much as we do and I’d love to hear your feedback.